In recent years, I’ve been experimenting with screenwriting and have completed three scripts for feature films. To see a complete script, please contact me.


Out and Out Lies (Comedy/Political Satire, 93 pages). Prickly, anti-political daughter of a powerful former senator embarks on a risky love affair with a charismatic married congresswoman.
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What Are Friends For (Comedy/Drama, 104 pages). Small-town neighbors conspire to nudge a shy, middle-aged car mechanic in the direction of the woman he admired from a distance thirty years earlier.
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Double Play (Romantic Comedy, 117 pages). Rich, handsome, keyboard-phobic ballplayer begs his high school pal, a sharp-tongued lesbian journalist, to front for him in his e-mail pursuit of a beautiful professor. The result is a Twelfth Night confusion of cross-purposes.
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“One Cook’s Kitchen”
A favorite project has been the cookbook One Cook’s Kitchen, which is as lavish with opinions as it is with seasonings.  Though it exists as a completed book, it is also a work in progress and probably always will be.  Recipes evolve, opinions evolve, and new information is constantly appearing.

I wrote the book for two reasons. First, I wanted to persuade my nieces and nephews (and anyone else who would listen) that besides being a basic skill that gives you more control over your own happiness, cooking is a lot of fun.

Second, when I needed to give up milk products for health reasons, I had to give up a lot of foods I really love, including almost every dessert worth eating. The only alternative to sinking into a slough of self-pity was to go into the kitchen and mess about with ingredients until I had found a new way to make all those spirit-nourishing treats for myself. At that point, it seemed reasonable to pass along what I’d learned to others who might be facing what my aunt once called “a barren and desolate waste,” a life without butter.

The book does contain recipes, but more than anything, it is an invitation to embark on the pleasure of experimentation, toward whatever end suits your taste.

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For information about the availability of the cookbook, contact the author.