Navigating the Darwin Straits by Edith Forbes

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Navigating the Darwin Straits reintroduces some of the characters from Edith Forbes’s Alma Rose, most notably Jordy McNeil. Growing up in a small western town with a lesbian mom presents challenges Jordy would rather avoid. As soon as he can, he makes an escape, landing in the San Francisco Bay Area where he joins Ultimall, an Internet startup company. As his fortunes rise and fall with Ultimall, he finds himself with a fat bank account but an increasing sense of emptiness and unease. His search for meaning takes him to Seattle, but tragedy sends him into self-imposed exile. Forced to confront his disillusionment, Jordy eventually finds a way to re-enter the world.

Praise for Navigating the Darwin Straits

“An elegant, classic bildungsroman of the life and times of Jordy McNeil, a young man raised by lesbian parents, who must learn to grasp the reality of a universe that is pretty perfect in its random selection of human specimens as experiments in tragedy.”
— Lambda Report

“A beautifully told story of Jordy, son of lesbian moms, as he comes of age and finds his way in the world.”
— Booksense

“If the theory of natural selection holds true, it never went down as easily as it does in this novel, an account of a young man’s struggle to make a meaningful life for himself … Filled with uncanny insight and surprising depth, Forbes’s witty, succinctly told tale will delight readers. Jordy is an eminently likable protagonist and it’s a pleasure to accompany him on his journey.” [starred]
Publishers Weekly