Alma Rose by Edith Forbes

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Pat Lloyd has spent her entire life in Kilgore — a small, dusty town set amidst rolling hills and sagebrush-covered plains of the West. Intelligent, likeable and a bit odd, Pat works at her Pop’s mercantile and fills the rest of her house with mail-order books and the solitude of daydreams. But just when Pat’s existence seems settled, Alma Rose, a charming and vivacious trucker with elaborately tooled cowboy boots and a mouth that gallops ahead of her mind, rumbles off the highway and into Pat’s life. Inspired by her passion for Alma Rose and the unforeseen intensity of desire, Pat transforms her life into a startling — and monumental — testament to the power of love.

Praise for Alma Rose

“In a beautifully dry, laconic voice Pat Lloyd, the grocer of Kilgore, tells us about herself and her town and her true love, the trucker Alma Rose. Pat is strong, silent, shy, open-minded, clear-hearted, and solid as a rock. Her story and Kilgore’s interweave in a grave and funny dance, every step of it unpredictable and inevitable. This book is a treasure.”
— Ursula K. Le Guin

“A fresh, bright novel about a woman’s awakening in a dying town.”

“An appealing first novel told with beguiling honesty and humor … Life affirming without sentimentality … the portrayal of love and growth rings absolutely true.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Curl up on the couch with a cup of hot tea and this book by first novelist Forbes. It’s worth reading far into the night … Highly recommended.”
— Library Journal