In her books, Edith Forbes explores issues of ethics, mortality, gender identity, rural life, shyness and family.

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Tracking a Shadow by Edith Forbes

Tracking a Shadow:
My Lived Experiment with MS

A memoir of the author’s 25-year, self-designed experiment with a nonpharmaceutical approach to multiple sclerosis and of the indomitable mother who taught her to meet trouble with active resistance.

When novelist Edith Forbes experienced her first episode of multiple sclerosis in 1993, few treatments existed. The famously crippling disease was a medical mystery, its cause unknown and its course unpredictable. The only medical advice Forbes received then was to “live your life.” She had other ideas.

Tracking a Shadow weaves together the story of Forbes’s personal twenty-five-year medical experiment with a memoir of the mother whose constant determination to look for better answers shaped the author’s unique approach to her disease.

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Ford von Reyn MD, DSc (Hon), professor of medicine, Geisel School of Medicine, writes:
[A] remarkably intelligent and inspirational account of finding a personal path to living positively with the uncertainties of MS. Interwoven with a page-turning chronicle of growing up shy and gay on a Wyoming family ranch is a meticulous investigation of the evolving scientific understanding of MS.

Gail Nickel-Kailing, GoodFood World, writes:
Her diagnosis of multiple sclerosis… led Edith to conduct a multi-decade research study of a single subject, herself…. Fascinating reading for anyone who wants to learn more about how what we eat can affect our health and well-being.

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