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In recent years, Forbes has been experimenting with screenwriting.  She has completed three scripts for feature films and has another in progress. To see a complete script, contact the author.

Completed scripts:

Out and Out Lies (Comedy/Political Satire, 93 pages) – Prickly, anti-political daughter of a powerful former senator embarks on a risky love affair with a charismatic married congresswoman.

What Are Friends For (Comedy/Drama, 104 pages) – Small-town neighbors conspire to nudge a shy, middle-aged car mechanic in the direction of the woman he admired from a distance thirty years earlier.

Double Play (Romantic Comedy, 117 pages) – Rich, handsome, keyboard-phobic ballplayer begs his high school pal, a sharp-tongued lesbian journalist, to front for him in his e-mail pursuit of a beautiful professor. The result is a Twelfth Night confusion of cross-purposes.

Scripts in progress:

Big Sky (Comedy/Drama) – Mouthy rural hairdresser Val meets rich, old-school Bostonian Augusta on an airplane neither woman was supposed to be on.  When Augusta gets caught up in Val’s flight from an angry boyfriend, the two women are launched on a comically contentious quest for adventure.